Too many shots : part two

It really takes time to take good pictures, it only takes seconds to take a snapshot!

There are a lot of considerations to take, making beautiful pictures.

If you don't want to depend on a 'lucky shot', take your time, and you will notice results quickly. Everybody has room for improvement.

Here are some important points :

1. practice a lot, take a lot of pictures and learn from them.

Study the pictures you took, the good ones and the bad ones.

Try to see what is good or bad, how cold a good picture be better, and why is the bad one bad.

2, Study the pictures of others.

Save the ones you like and study them, why do you like them?

What is the difference with your own pictures.

3. Really study the object you are going to picture.

Walk around, what are the best angles.

4. Don't forget the background.

Is it pleasing, does it distract, is it an addition to the whole.

5. Study the light, is it balanced.

Can you light up some areas with flash or with a reflector.

Is it the right light for the subject? Not to soft, not to hard.

6. Try different compositions. Backgrounds, lighting, depth of field.

7. Keep on studying. Your own pictures, your progress.

Write down what you like about the pictures, and why you like it.

8. Take notes. It will help you understand why pictures are good or bad.

Keep on learning, take your time. It will take some effort in the beginning but it will help your learning curve. Don't stop questioning your images.

After a while you will notice that the process of taking nice pictures speeds up quickly. And at the end you can start taking snapshot again. All the knowledge you need is in your head. You will be able to read an object or a scene in a fast way. Automatically you will go for the best composition, the best lighting, the best DOF.

Or you can choose to keep on taking snapshots, and keep on thinking that others are a lot better than you are. We all have the ability to improve our skills. It only takes a little bit of time and effort.

I wish you all a happy 2010 with better pictures and improved skills. For my part, I know I still have a lot to learn, but I'm pleased to see some progress.

Photo credits: Dirk Ercken.

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December 27, 2010


Lovely article and a very motivating way of thinking. Love the photos included here! Thanks for sharing!

December 27, 2010


Great blog.Thanks.
I love the photo of the frog and the moon!

January 08, 2010


Thanks for all that advice! That really made me want to go out and take some photos!!! I love the pictures in the article! Especially the first one of the frog and the moon. Have a great 2010 and thank you again!! Cassie

January 06, 2010


Thanks for your nice responses! I really wished I had the skills to directly see the best opportunities, to find the best compositions or the best lighting. In a matter of fact I'm not used to take snapshots, I really need my time. Sometimes it is a disadvantage, doing so I can lose the decisive moment. I'm also trying to work on that. But it's difficult.

January 05, 2010


Thanks for the advice.

January 05, 2010


Beautiful images,great advices!

January 05, 2010


Very nice blog, but esp. splendid images! Esp. the manipulated pear and the images with ice and green bottle! Good luck with them!

January 05, 2010


thanks for adding your comment to my latest blog.
btw, you have a wonderful portfolio. it's good to use your expertise in biology to complement your portfolio. this gives you to edge of a niche portfolio. i enjoy doing that too. happy 2010.

January 05, 2010


Wonderful images!

January 05, 2010


Some very nice detail in the images above, good advice that hopefully I can take time to follow.

January 05, 2010


great blog - thanks for sharing, totally agree with you - great pics too :) happy new year :)

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