We Took 249 Photos Today.

I went out of town today with my girlfriend and came back with 249 high res. photos! At the end of the day I ended up touching up and uploading 47 of them. Cant wait to see what gets accepted. It was a exciting trip!

The photo in this post is a Red-Winged Blackbird. This was one of my very first practice photos. Boy I learned a lot from my first photos.

I spend a lot of time making the images look just right. Rotating them to the perfect angle, clearing any noise and so on. Im really getting into this exciting hobby. Then at the time of upload I shoot to have no less then 50-100 tags.

Im so excited getting started. I only have had nine photos accepted before now and learned a lot of from those first uploads and do so much more work to each photo before uploading them.

I love learning and reading every ones comments and blog posts. Here's to photography and earning with MicroStock. Im looking forwarded to making friends on here and checking out each others new photos on a daily basis and inspiring each other!

Photo credits: Furorco.

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Thank you for the encouragement Angela.

Gmargittai, great point about that getting in trouble part. First off, my girl is such a great sport. She's the kindest most understanding woman I've ever been with. But she certainly doesn't have a problem shrieking out.. noo you are not shooting that! Especially if we are going to get a bite or do something and I see something out the window and say.. hey look at that. Lol! Happened this morning on the way to breakfast. I immediately said.. it might look good but the first thing we are going to do is go have a great breakfast. Hehe!

The day we went on the massive photo shoot, I had told her all the stuff I was excited to shoot and how nice it would be in the park. We got some good fast food and kept the ac in the car on because it was about 90 outside. First thing I shot was this guy on a giant heavy duty machine in the parking lot we pulled into to eat our Taco Johns. I was so nervous with him looking I accidentally did a video and he started waving lol. I got back in the car and said forget that.

When we were done eating we headed towards the park. I noticed things id never had even though I used to lice in this city. The most one of a king super tall Bell Tower. It's one of my best shots. I also stopped and shot the empty swimming pool on the way. It came out so beautiful! Another favorite of my trip I hadn't even thought of. I use a Samsung WB150F so I am able to stick my long extending lens through fencing. This turned out to be an incredible plus for me this trip. I also shot a nearby MiniRamp (small halfpipe) at a skatepark next door. These photos are all stunning, I used the bell tower and pool to get approved on another microstock site when other photos I used had been declined.

I ran back to the car and she was a little grumpy. I had shot a large hydro dam on the way over as well. But now we went straight into the park and the fun began for both of us. We got out together and had fun as lovers do and shot photos of every animal from zebra, giant huuuge elk, a white stretched out peacock and so many more.

On the way back to the car we waved a car into the parking lot like.. go. Which turned out to be my sister and 4 nieces and nephews. We all hugged, then went our separate ways. Jane and I drove up to the top of a waterfall and shot photos on the edge. I got light headed and almost fell in and died. There were people near the edge so I had to ask if I could walk past them and shoot. It was a dangerous spot. Some giant moose almost charged me soon after as zoomed my lens and stuck it through the fancying. Then my gf started yelling.. and I thought she was freaking like get outta there.

Then we seen her sister drive by and fly away from us.. she was home sick from school my gf said or at least suppose to be. Ha!

Yesterday my gf spotted a albino squirrel.. I always miss all the good stuff and she spots it. I chased that thing a quarter mile on foot and got a... well not so good...


That's great! Keep going and keep shooting. The more you practice, the better you get!


Hey, I am sure you had a lot of fun taking those 249 pictures. One question: What did your girlfriend do while you were so busy with your camera?

When I do this I am always getting in trouble :)


Thanks Egomezta! Me to, I got some really exciting stuff in store once they get accepted. I cant wait to show you.

Thanks for the warm welcome Inyrdreams, Henrymm & Henrymm. This is my favorite MicroStock site and only one hasnt approved me so far.. but soon. I still think Dreamstime will be my #1 favorite. They got a great setup here and a nice little community.


I hope you do well with your new images... Good luck.


Welcome to DT!
Its a lot to learn and the blogs here will help and inspire a lot, so enjoy.


welcome from the state of michigan! Dt is a great spot to start out at and I wish you many sales. There is a lot of beauty in the US we need to share with the world. thats for sure!


Welcome to DT. Hope you enjoy here.


Hey, thank you Digitalreflections. That's cool that you are local. Im in the Eau Claire area, so we are neighbors. I like your photos. I think that deceased man with the toe tag was a creative photo shoot and one that could be done with creativity. The black and white really makes it feel real to. Keep up the great work and thank you for your comment. It's great to meet you.


Welcome to Dreamstime. You will find a lot of friendly people here. I am from the Hudson area.

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