Top 10 most downloaded Halloween images in 2014

Halloween, horror, costume, pumpkin, make up – they are probably the most used keywords that buyers have searched on Dreamstime for Halloween this year.

And here we are, making a top ten list of the most downloaded Halloween images in 2014 on Dreamstime.

The Pumpkin - the one and only.

Spooky Halloween Night

This Jack-o'-lantern with its devilish look is waiting for you in the middle of the forest. If you feel like walking in the woods on an October night, be careful who's gonna light your way. All the deers and foxes are gone by now.

Pumpkins and cats make a funny combo for Halloween, we say. Seeing this little naughty black cutie, all we can think of is “Oh, dear, what is it up to?”

Halloween Pumpkin

Believe it or not, this simple pumpkin isolated on white background hits our podium. But look beyond its simplicity. There's a raw pumpkin waiting to be carved in every possible way: as a cat, a witch, a snake etc. Or you can just think of it as the next best pumpkin pie.


If you want to send Halloween postcards to your dear ones, as strange as it may seem, pumpkins and cemeteries are ready to help you. A nice text such as “Darling, will you be my wife till death do us part?” illustrated so … clearly will bring you the answer you long for.

Grunge Halloween frame

Watch out with this little gang of pumpkin pranksters. They may be popular, but there are no good thoughts coming from them.

Halloween pumpkins at night

Halloween make-up is also in the top keywords searches, but this girl with a splash of colors is a hit. She's probably dreaming about the perfect Halloween pumpkin pie on diet.

Muse with creative body art

Do crows scare you? Just look at this starving one sitting on a grave. It probably had the best meal of its life.

Crow on a gravestone

You can't have a real Halloween without the perfect masks and costumes. And if you're in Venice this year, it will make the perfect outfit for you.

Male Mask at carnival in Venice

Those mean pumpkins deserve a superhero to fight them. There is no way all the candies go to their carved belly.

Superhero kid. Girl power concept

We hope you've enjoyed our hits this year. There are more of them in our special collection here.

Photo credits: Burkhard Behling, Elena Schweitzer, Rasà Messina Francesca, Eti Swinford, Nejron, Pincarel, Solarseven, Yarruta.

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November 28, 2014


great ideas for Halloween!

November 06, 2014


No. 4 is great for a life-sized backdrop.

October 30, 2014


Wow, beautiful thanks for sharing they look spooky. Lol!

October 29, 2014


awesome images

October 29, 2014


ah... i baught that first image. Now i know everybody else got it :)

October 29, 2014


It served it to be best seller with very high quality :-)

October 28, 2014


Interesting. Good tips for me, 'cause I'm italian and Halloween is something a little bit exotic here. Not so easy to understand what images create to sell well.

October 28, 2014


The very first image is magnificent. The one and only indeed.

October 27, 2014


Interesting ! Thanks.

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