TOP 10 of my favorite photos in 2018

Today is the last day of 2018, Tomorrow will be 2019. In the past year, I have no much time to out of my city so I uploaded the photos less than usually. Whatever, I still choose top 10 of my favorite photos, memorial my own 2018.


Red Gates and Traditional Chinese Buildings in the Forbidden City

Gate of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City

February 16, 2018, Beijing, China, Chinese new year of 2018.

Once again, I came to Forbidden City of Beijing. It was very good weather in that day and there were so many tourists. I spend long time walked in the Forbidden City because I want take a picture without any tourists. So I have to waiting until the visitors are leaving when the last minute before the door closing. Finally I got this two photographes


Night Scene of National Centre for the Performing Arts

February 16, 2018, Beijing, China, Chinese new year of 2018.

The National Grand Theatre of China is located on the west side of Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing. It is the highest hall of Chinese national performing arts and is a landmark building in Beijing. The National Grand Theatre is very novel and avant-garde. Its elliptical shape is like a "drop of crystal water drops" or "eggs" against the surface of the water, so people call it big egg. But the National Theatre at night is no longer like a water drop or big egg. It is like a spaceship or UFO more , quietly parked in the night sky, very mysterious, science fiction.


Moeraki Boulders at Sunrise

In 2018, I first time visited New Zealand, a beautiful country. On April 7th

I arrived at Moeraki Beach, 40km south of Oamaru, famous for being Moeraki Boulders. There was light rain when I left the hotel so that I felt a little disappointed (because I wanted to have a good weather). But while I arrived Moeraki, I saw the sunrise on the beach. There are many round and small stones in large and small sizes. I don't know how they are formed. I only marvel at the magic of nature. I used the slow-shutter to photograph the unusual peacesea surface and flowing clouds.


Rainbow over the Sea

I drove on the national road with sunny and rain, suddenly I found a rainbow in the sky. For some people like me who live in the inland cities, it was no easy to see the rainbow. I was very excited, so I decided to find a complete rainbow to capture the whole rainbow. When I climbed a hill, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sea was in front, and the rainbow was hanging on the sea, there was no blockage around me. I took this picture with pleasure.


The Lighthouse of the End

On April 8, 2018, I came to the Nugget Point lighthouse.

It was bad weather ,the rain was very heavy. For the satisfactory photo, I had to use an umbrella to cover the camera and I was standing in the rain surfer from the cold wind beating my back, just waiting. I believe that bad weather can bring me a good photo. Suddenly the rain stopped and the sun came out from the large cumulonimbus clouds. This is the landscape I wanted.


Bird`s eye of Rivers from mountain

I flew over the mountain cook in a small plane that day. At the foot of the mountain, the water in the snow mountain merged into countless streams. The stream reflected the unique blue of the lake, It make me sign it`s just a river, just a mountain, just our planet.


Sunset of Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki

On April 14, 2018, I left the mountain cook and returned to the hotel where I stayed. I drove to Peter`s Lookout, in the evening. When I parked and out of my car, the peace lake pukaki and the great mount cook were deeply shocked me at once.


The Scene of the Autumn of Lake Tekapo

On April 15, 2018, I came to Lake Tekapo. Woke up in the morning, I saw the weather was good, so I gone out with my camera and came to the lake. The mist on the lake, the water like a mirror, near the lake side, a big tree with its golden leaves and their reflections formed a perfect Autumn landscape.


Night Scenes of A Beautiful Traditional Style Chinese Architecture

This magnificent building is called Hongya Cave. It is in my hometown, Chongqing, China. It completely restores the style of Chongqing traditional architecture - the hanging house.

When I was writing this blog, I was in 2019. Happy New Year! and I hope everyone in dreamstime will sell the photos more and more in new year!

Photo credits: Bo Li.

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Beautiful photos and blog!


Beautiful photos!!! Happy New Year...good luck... :)


Beautiful blog and pictures !!!


Tu pian dou fei chang jing cai. xie xie fen xiang! ni de 2018 hen wan mei!

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