Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

1. Reduce,Reuse,Recycle.

2. Use less heat and air conditioning.

3. Change a light bulb.

4. Drive less and drive smart.

5. Buy Energy-Efficient products.

6. Use less hot water.

7. Use the "off" switch.

8. Plant a tree.

9. Get s report card from your utility company.

10. Encourage others to conserve.

These 10 steps will take you a long way toward reducing your energy use and your monthly budget.And less energy use means less dependence on the fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases and contribute global warming.

Photo credits: Janeedward.

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July 05, 2011


Another is "Keep your portfolio small." All that uploading is bad for the planet. Oh, wait, that doesn't fit the gameplan. Wow, it's tough to be green.

July 05, 2011


Number one on my list is 'live close to where you work'. It makes a bunch of these easy.

July 05, 2011


Great tips. Another alternative for air-con is use a fan instead - less electricity usage. About plants, if you have a sunny window, plant onions, garlics, tumeric or herbs. They can survive even in high-rise apartments. We can all do our little bit for the environment.

July 05, 2011


Very good! Thanks for sharing.

July 05, 2011


Great job man! Thanks for sharing this!

July 04, 2011


Thanks for sharing, beauty blog!

July 04, 2011


Good reminder for all of us.

July 04, 2011


Good idea!

July 04, 2011


All are good ideas!

July 04, 2011


Great blog!!!

July 04, 2011


Thanks for sharing, this blog is great.

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