Top Beaches of The Greek Islands

Top Beaches of The Greek Islands

Greece is a place of stunning natural beauty. But above all, it hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Check out some of them.

Balos Lagoon, Crete

Balos Beach, Crete Island, Greece

One of Crete’s most beautiful beaches. This is arguably the most photographed natural wonder in all of Greece. Shallow waters of this lagoon place with a stunning vista created by an outcropping of rock that is surrounded by pink sand and blue, turquoise water. A true Caribbean paradise!

Lakka, Paxos

Greek Islands Coast, Blue Lagoon

Paxos - The island’s west coast is dominated by dramatic limestone cliffs and sea caves. Lakka - Magic of the "Blue Lagoon" of Mediterranean Sea, natural harbour. One of the most beautiful places on Paxos island.

Kastani Beach - Skopelos

Beach Vacation Swimming

Kastani beach on Greek island of Skopelos. Skopelos’ idyllic coves and rocks were prime locations for the 2007 filming of Mamma Mia!

This beautiful island, is a must visit.

Red Beach, Santorini

Santorini Island Landscape Greece Travel

Found on the volcanic island of Santorini, one of the Cyclades Islands.

The Red Beach is covered in red color pebbles and backed by tall red clifftops. A beautiful and quiet place. It is the uniquely charming setting of this beach that makes it a place you have to experience when visiting Greece.

Elafonisi, Crete

Paradise Bay Elafonisi

The beach of Elafonisi is truly outstanding. Located on the island of Elafonisi in southwest Crete.The exotic, pink and white sand - way to azure very shallow waters . This beach is the European Caribbean paradise.

Milos Beach, Lefkada

Long Beach , Lefkada, Greece

A long and soft white sandy beach with turquoise mediterranean waters.

Milos Beach is stunning. The bright white of the pebbles jut sharply into the deep blue of the sea. The steep mountains and tall cliffs behind Milos Beach only add to its beauty.

Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos

Exotic beach

The small islet of Antipaxos in the Ionian Sea. Here you will find two beaches that are frequently voted among the best in the Mediterranean.

I have visited one of them - Voutoumi. Voutoumi - an exotic pure white sandy beach and amazing shallow turquoise waters.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Beach, Blue Sea Boat Trip, Panorama

Cruise Ship, Summer Vacation, Greek Islands

Porto Katsiki beach is ranked as one of the best beaches in Europe. The turquoise blue water and the long expanse of beach beneath cliff is breathtaking.

Enjoy a true taste of paradise and visit some of the Greek Islands !

Discover Greek Islands - my photos.

Enjoy the vistas !


Photo credits: Helena Bilkova.

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I am a fan of Porto Katsiki, and there's some great beaches on nearby Zakynthos. 

June 28, 2017


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Thank you. Yes, I´ll make a holiday brochure - Greek Islands.
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Very good images, you could make your own holiday brochure with them too.

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Amazing locations and images

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The paradise on the earth

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Your images are stunning. They make me want to book a flight to Greece today!

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Beautiful images from Greek Islands

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Excellent photos like always, Helena!

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Thank you for your beautiful pictures. Greece must be fascinating to visit. I love the sea but my destinations are far from the sea. :) Can you guess? Obviously I am joking. Have a nice day! ;)

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Thank you. I'm glad I inspired you. I personally love the magical blue colors of the sea. And ... turquoise color is my favorite.
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wow you have inspired me to live here one day! beautiful pictures!

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Thank you Andrei for comment. Yes ... We love Greek Islands !
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Nice Hellen, i love Greece Islands :). And I swam at Red Beach with a nice sensation of waves full of little volcanic rocks.

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