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I research the each DT category to find photos/illustration with largest number of downloads. You should read this blog with images, so see this blog.

In category Abstract the best one is downloaded 578 times it is red velvet theatre curtains more like a background to potential contributor I think. Its ID number is telling me that this photo is one of first on DT.

© Joss
In category Animals we see swan with 193 downloads it is older photo then the red curtains.

In Art/Architecture red curtain is also the first so I choose second one and its carpet cleaning also very old on DT.

In Business top seller is business meeting with 778 downloads (wow) its id number is also very low.

Illustrations best seller is a map of world,

© Studio
in Industries Computer work 336 downloads,

© I-bag
in IT&C work place blur I think the oldest best seller on DT its number ID is 9067.

© Iofoto
In Nature category is Smiling family on beach with 305 downloads and probable the youngest photo from top best sellers, I think it was uploaded in 2007 year (congratulation to Ron).

© Schok
In Objects category we find golf player with 261 downloads and a long history on DT.

© Studio
From People staff meeting also have been for a long time on DT have 564 downloads.

In category Technology Blue globe with 200 downloads,

and in category Travel beautiful blue beach downloaded 299 times.

I saw that all those photos except Ron’s are for over couple years on DT. They have many downloads and viewers. They all are on level 5 the heights level on Dreamstime. Most of them have not got the option of ‘sell the rights’ except Studio’s. Maybe my quick research will help somebody to get their own conclusions. My are that the time is important for selling’s and it is micro stock even if the photo is really popular it is cost maximum 8 credits for RF it is great for all contributors and for us.

Photo credits: Bellemedia, Billyfoto, I-bag, Iofoto, Jessica Fox, Jostein Hauge, Kirk Johnson, Alexis Puentes, Radovan, Evanovich Jones, Studio Dream.

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September 02, 2019


Thankyou, it's always interesting to see what is selling, how old the image is and the number of downloads.  I was actually trying to find whether artistic images sell, the type you'd put on a wall and found your article.

April 16, 2019


Thank for this article.🙏

April 03, 2008


Very interesting stuff -- thanks for taking the time to put that together.

March 24, 2008


Great pictures and article! Thank you for sharing.

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