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Famous western painter Da Vinci has said " the cat has been a masterpiece of the nature!" In fact, in ancient Egypt era, the cat has already been prostrated oneself by people. Unless at life it is at now, cat as pet and mankind is the getting closer.. The natural instincts of the cat are unrestrained ...This is exactly its lovely place.

Has raised several cats in the family successively, in the life with these lovely cats together from morning to night, it find I they like mankind, too equally happiness, anger, grief and joy.. There are one's own thoughts.

Since raised cats in the family for more than 10 years, I loved cats, Like shooting for the cats even more. , caught a lot of excellent twinkling of an eye for the love cats in the family. And through the network blog, professional pet's magazine, let more persons share the happiness brought to us of lovely cats together with me, Certainly, I will also continue shooting for these lovely cats.

Photo credits: Linqong.


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January 27, 2008


Thanks a lot!!! From yours ID, I guessed you also are affection kitty's friend ~

January 27, 2008


Thank you for the great lesson. You have beautiful cats. They are fun to photo.

January 24, 2008



January 24, 2008


Hi, I'm from Da Vinci nation..and I can say that your cats are reall y nice! Great work! ciao

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