The Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10th, 2011

Six months ago HERE IN MY BLOG I told you on total lunar eclipse that happened on June 15, 2011.

Now I would like to tell you that this Saturday, December 10th, total lunar eclipse will take place, again!

All the information can be found IN WIKIPEDIA. Those of us who are located in South America or Antarctica (heh-heh, is there somebody from Antarctica here on DT? :-) ) have no chances to see the eclipse. Others may be lucky (if the sky will be clear of clouds).

Here are a couple of useful links where experienced people teach us how to shoot the lunar eclipses: LINK 1 and LINK 2.

Lunar eclipse is nice, do not miss it!

© Jkyork
© Diebar

Photo credits: Dr Ajay Kumar Singh, Diego Barucco, James K. York, Stephen Girimont.

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Hi Igor, sorry about the weather. If I didn't read your blog, I wouldn't know about this lunar eclipse. Thanks for the info. I watched the eclipse from my window. No pictures taken, I don't have a good telephoto lens. But it was interesting.


to Aleksdem: The same here in Moscow. :( What a pity, shit..,


We have a strong cloudy sky ... : (


to Alvera: You are always welcome! Thouth I'm Igor rather than Yuri :))


to Thanatonautii: Let's hope...


Thaks Igor for the info! Maybe I will have a clear sky here in my country! :)


to Lostarts: Hi, my friend. Visibility at your location will be JUST EXCELLENT. Look at the link to Wikipedia in my blog above. All will depend on clouds. Hope you will be lucky. Be sure also to investigate two links that tell us HOW TO SHOOT LUNAR ECLIPSES.


Igor ... 1st it's great to see you back on the blogs again! 2nd, what are my chances of seeing full eclipse here in the Philippines?


Yes, total Euro-eclipse :)) Thanks, Yuri.


Woooow! that's cool :)


Here in Italy weather is bad :-( but I wish you'll see next lunar eclipse Igor!!! bye, Francesca :-)


to Photosdl: Thanks a lot and the same to you! :)


to Mariaam: Hope you will seee it...


to Egomezta: Thank you!


to BCritchley: Weather in Moscow is just shitty now. Have almost no hope... :(


Thanks for shaing this info..


Thanks for the heads up Igor, missed the last one in England so will see what the weather is doing this time :-)


Thank you for the links! Very interesting theme!

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