The total Moon eclipse on June 15 2011 - do not miss!!!

I would like to put your attention, colleagues, to very interesting astronomical up-coming event: the total moon eclipse that will take place in a week, on June 15 2011. The Sun, Earth, and Moon will be aligned exactly with the Earth in the middle, so the Earth's shadow will fall onto the Moon.

I saw such events several times in my life and should tell you: it looks great. The full moon gradually becoms red like ruby. I am going to take some photos using my 5'' scope. Perhaps someone of you will like to take shoots, as well.

North America will be out of game this time, but those who are located in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia have chances to watch the eclipse (if there will be no clouds at their locations, of course).

You can find more details here:

Good luck!

© Diebar
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Photo credits: Diego Barucco, Jwohlfeil, Marc Pinter.

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Excellent results! Congrats! Could you be so kind to share - how did you do it? Shutter speed, lens, etc... Perhaps, some special technique? Thanks in advance.

BTW, have you seen that? -


I missed the moon eclipse and I`m so angry about it! :((


Unfortunately was too foggy here in Barcelona and couldn't shoot it :(

I only have the one that took place 16th august 2008

   Moon eclipse phases   


Here is the second one accepted, also taken after the actual total eclipse:


Hey guys,

sadly it was very cloudy in my region in Germany as well. The moon did not start appearing before quarter past eleven, by which the total lunar eclipse was already over. Still I got some images of the - by then only half way shadowed - moon. Hope you like it:)


Martin, you are right. Though I could not get acceptable shoots, I am not disappointed. I saw part of eclipse visually and I felt that kind of especial atmosphere which you mentioned.

BTW, on December 10 there will be another lunar eclipse. But in Moscow the Moon will be very low, again. So, do not think I will take some good photos.


Sorry to hear that Igor.
We tried here also, the sky above us was clear but at the horizon we had a broad band of clouds. We did get a glimpse when the moon was halfway revealing again. Not very spectaculair, although such events always have this sort of magical athmosphere around them. I hope you will get some nice shots for your collection!


Hi Brett. It was too cloudy in Moscow. So, I watched only 30 minutes of partial phase and something like 10 min of totality (with binocular). No shots - the Moon was about 10 degree only above horizon with just TERRIBLE atmospheric turbulence - so, no chances to get a sharp shot.


Ohhh poop I forgot to check this out last night :-( Igor how did you get on? I'm counting on you buddy to have got some shots :-)



It depends on your location. There is a link to WIKI in the blog. Try it for specific details.


What time will be when the total eclipse wil happen?


to VTR Unfortunately, I never tried to shoot the Moon with photolenses (only with scope). So, I can not give some complete reciept.

There are several thoughts below, instead. Perhaps, they can be useful.

1) Angular size of the Moon is about 30 angular minutes. This number will help to choose the lens.

2) The sky rotates. 15 angular seconds per 1 "time" second. Exposure should be short enough to provide no shift for more than 1 pixel.

3) The most probably autofocus will not work since the Moon will not be bright enough. So, manual focus is preferable (lucky who has LiveView!).

4) f/8 ... f/11 is a good choise to supress chromatic aberrations.


Hey, many thanks for your info. Hope I could capture that. :)


It will be great if anyone can post some suggestions on how to go about clicking the moon ... any hints about the lens to use etc.,


Thanks for the info, Igor. Wish I could see it thought, no telescope. Hope you see your photos from this event. Cheers!


Thanks for sharing.
I'll definitely try yo take a picture of it although i don't know how good it will be with my nikon D80 and Sigma 150-500mm




I am glad to be useful. Please let me know if your eclipse images will be accepted on DT. I will open a new collection dedicated to this event, then.


Thank you for telling, I will have a look and if the weather is right, try to get a nice shot:)


Never seen an eclipse ... :(
I want to see it!


Thanks for the heads up Igor :-) Look forward to seeing your shots and fingers crossed for no clouds.....    Stormy clouds weather   


Thanks Igor!


Well done, congrats!


Thanks for the info ... in the US so won't see anything, but hope the rest of the world enjoys the view!


Thanks for posting Igor! Let's hope for a clear view!


Cool! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much. Hope we get a glimpse in the UK.




thanks I didn't know it

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