Total revenue $2000 !!!!

Today I have earned $2000 by means of DT!

I am very happy. I very much like to work here.

By the way I have earned first thousand dollars 2 months ago for 7 months. Now has as much earned for 2 months

I am grateful to all community Dreamstime! I am very glad that you are.

with the best regards, Oleh

Here my last works

Photo credits: Indos82.

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Anne Arundel County with main cities:
The vector will be later :)


Hi Michele
Here maps of Maryland
Tomorrow I hope will accept a map of Anne Arundel County
The vector will be accessible to downloading in a week.

Realpatience email... msheiko at
Have a great day!


Hi Michele. I have uploaded works on server Dreamstime.
They will appear next week. Give me your e-mail and I will show you files which it will be possible to download later.


Hello...Oleh...look forward to seeing it...where do I find it. -Michele


Yesterday I have drawn State of Maryland with colorful regions. I hope them will accept:).
Today I will draw county of Anne Arundel with Anapolis.


Hi Oleh...that will be great...State of Maryland with colorful regions.
I also need one for Annapolis, Maryland...our state Capital. Many thanks. - Michele


Hi. I am glad to hear it ;)
What kind of the map do you need?
Contour of the state with a flag or a detailed map of the state with colorful regions?
I will draw to you maps of these states, but they will appear on Dreamstime in 2 weeks. I hope you will wait :)
I look forward to hearing with impatience. Bye


Hello your vector maps....
need Annapolis...need Maryland, USA and Washington, DC.


Well done, your work is outstanding!


Wow. That is amazing. Wish you all success in the future.


Woohoo!!!! Congratulations! Excellent work.





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