Touched by Animals

Growing up I was never able to have a pet of my own do to allergies which some times still affect me today but I know which animals are ok and which animals I need to stay away from. Now that I am an adult I do own two cats which I love very dearly.

Oreo we found when he was a kitten or actually I think he found us. My husband and I happened to be getting in our car one day and we kept on hearing this meow coming from some place inside the car. We looked all over the place but it turned out the small meows we had been hearing was coming from the engine of the car. We called the vets and animal shelters to see if anyone was missing this adorable kitten but the vet told us most likely he was a stray just looking for warmth in the engine of our car. We waited several weeks to see if anyone would claim him but no one did and we had already grown attached to him so we decided to keep him. Oreo reminds me of a dog because he loves to follow us around, greet us at the door when we come home and is just always a faithful companion. He is a very affectionate cat that loves to spread the love by rubbing up against you an giving out non stop kisses. One of my favorite things I love about Oreo is that you have to share your drinks with him. If you have a soda and he hears the can or bottle open up he comes a running to you. He only licks the outside of the containers but if you do not let him get a few licks in he will let you know he wants you to share until you eventually give in.

Then we have Snow. We got Snow in January this year during a sad time in our lives. We had recently had to make a painful decision to put my cat Les Paul to sleep because he had less then 1% of his Kidneys left do to a rare genetic kidney disease. Les Paul was only 4 1/2 years old when he died and he was a constant companion to Oreo. I did not want Oreo to feel a lone so I thought it would be best to find ourselves a new cat to keep Oreo company. We found Snow at the Humane Society and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. What we did not know was that she had been a feral cat and she would be very demanding (especially for constantly wanting your attention). She has a wild side to her still but recently she has been starting to feel more like a part of the family. She seemed to never want any thing to do with Oreo and now she constantly is with him and she never would sit on the couch or in the bed with us and she recently has started to do these things now.

My pets always seem to know when I do not feel well or when I am just down because they are always there to try to make me feel better. I have realized this also when I am out at the zoo photographing the animals that I have photographed for years that have gotten to know me seem to sense when I need a little bit more extra attention. They know how to make me smile when I am down.

Recently I lost one of my beloved zoo animals that always made me smile no matter how I was feeling because he loved to give me the biggest smile when ever he would see me. He mainly only smiled at his keepers and it was rare for him to give any of the guest a smile but he did single me out and smile at me all the time. I was told by several of the staff and keepers that Jaho (Ya-ho) was sweet on me and seemed always happy to see me.

I cherish every moment when an animal has touched my life and I have so many fond memories of these times.

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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November 29, 2008


thanks :)

November 29, 2008


Your love of these animals comes through in your photography. Wonderful images.

November 21, 2008


Susan, Snow is beautiful. Animals make such a difference in our lives. We have two Shelties that are our children. I am allergic to cats and have always had one anyway but as I get older, I feel it's best not to push the limits. But we love Stormy and Star. So many people our age quit having a pet because it is too much trouble. But you know, that "trouble" helps keep you young and alive! Thanks for your message (blog!). Nan

November 21, 2008


So cute!I like cat so much:)

November 21, 2008


I have a cat too. Annibal is 7 years old he is a lovely sleepyhead.

November 21, 2008


I believe in showing kindness to all creatures whether they are my pets,, animals out in a zoo or out in the wild. Animals seem to be comfortable around me and have had many people comment to me that I must send out a good vibe to animals. Being close to animals is a joy to me but some bring me more joy because they do connect with me and sense things about me.

@Littlemacproductions Les Paul was named after the Gibson Les Paul guitar. My husband plays guitars and I decided to name him after a type of guitar that my husband wanted but does now have. I also use to have a cat named Stratocaster that was also named after a guitar but do to her chewing on all the wires in the house we had to give her away. We could not let her hurt herself on my husbands amps with more then a 1,000 volts of electricity go through her so we thought it was best for her to find a more suited home with less wires before any thing bad happened to her.

November 21, 2008


The world could use more of you out there. I believe it is a real compliment when an animal wants to be near you. It says something, either trust, love or maybe just saying... please feed me early today! Whatever.. it is communication between different beings. Sorry about Les Paul (isn't that some guitar guy?). I have a cat named Nuckles that looks like Les Paul. I guess all tabbys look similar!

November 20, 2008


Your blog is both heartwarming and touching, it is amazing how these fabulous creatures bring so much joy into our lives and yet they ask for so little in return.
Kindest regards always.

November 20, 2008


Thanks Richard :) That's cool that you have two cats that do the same thing that Oreo does. Les Paul when he was alive would be right there with Oreo greeting us all the time. Les Paul was my guard cat who would protect Oreo and would send out the alert if any thing was out of the ordinary or if a stranger was around just like a dog.

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