Those tough pigs

Today I made a sale of a Warthog which is one of the funniest (the piglets) and toughest (mother with piglets) african animals you can imagine.

This pic is by far not any of the better Warthog photos I made during several trips to Kenya but sometimes the buyer choses those images and he is supposed to know better what he wants and why he takes that decision. (I wish there was more communication between contributors and buyers)

It is not the first time that I sell a picture which in my opinion is really not impressive at all while others which I am slightly proud of remain unsold till our DT staff has to send you that well known message of "Dear Joan, This is an automated notification. Your portfolio includes images that have been online for more than 4..." all of us who have been around for more than 4 years know it!

Well, as we say in Spain A caballo regalado no le mires el bocado, a sale is a sale and we are very thankful!

A happy Warthog

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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February 10, 2016


It seems to wait and smile! Beautiful shot!

February 09, 2016


Thank you everybody!

February 09, 2016


Absolutely agree with you (about more communication between contributors and buyers)... Though I'm still a beginner, I usually feel the same about many of my works)
Great Warthog!!! I love his smile!!!)))

February 08, 2016


Real Animal Planet :-)

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