Trailer travels

I recently purchased a 'Breakthrough Technology' X3 ND 10-stop filter and tested it on Monday as we had stormy weather with, clouds, rain and strong winds. I used a wired remote with a 2 second delay and a sturdy tripod with stones in a bag hung from the hook on the center column. Using a small aperture and slow ISO I timed it at 60 seconds for the best exposure balance.

The end result was excellent color rendition, no color shift, ghosting or streaking. The movement of the foliage, super soft water and clouds stretching combined with the tack sharp hardscape of boulders and large driftwood really paints a beautiful abstract landscape image.

This filter is the finest of its kind and I highly recommend it for tapping into your artistic and creative process.

Prescott City Twilight

I have submitted the correct image, to replace the unrelated one here, for approval and will add to this post when and if approved. It is actually pretty 'vanilla' looking and I hope to get a more dynamic image soon... storms are on the way!!

Photo credits: Lester Sarmiento.

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April 28, 2016


Beautiful pic.

April 27, 2016


Too bad we can't see that picture.

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