Train Station

A couple weekends ago, I went to pick up our son at the local train station. With camera in hand, I took a few shots and transferred them into illustrations. My favorite shot is this train conductor and passenger. They were talking to each other right in front of the train, so it was a great moment to capture.

Then, I got a shot of someone helping an elderly lady in a wheelchair Then, I got a few shots of people with their luggage. Finally, I just saw these palm trees, so click and tah-dah! A new illustration! All in all, I think it was a successful day.

Photo credits: John Takai.

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Thanks again for the help! I was hoping you will give me that answer, it`s great :) Thank you!


Good question, Thanatonautii. I only have to upload the picture as a PR to show that I used my own photo to trace it. There is no MR because the people are not recognizable in the final product I create.


Great work! I have a small question :) Does DT ask you for a MR for this silhouettes , or you just have to upload as an PR your photos that you use to make the traces? Thanks for answering!


This is good work and the end result is great (and neat)
Must try this out.


Here is a video I made that shows me making a silhouette from a photo.

Video: Making a Silhouette


once i have time beside work and school, i'll definitely try it out. Thanks!


Thanks everyone. I trace my photographs using a pen tool in Illustrator. You definitely have to be familiar with using the pen tool for it to work and come out correctly. But, that's how I do it. :)


Really nice, wish i could make illustrations like this


great illustrations! And i would really like to know as well how you turn your photos into illustrations?


nice illustrations!


I certainly wish I could do what you just described. I never tried vectors or illustrations. I am only producing photos. I wonder is there is an automatic way (you can laugh) to transfer photos to illustrations. What I mean is not fully automatic but at least to give a head start.
I have many images that don't qualify as stock because they have people in it (no release) or have pixel distortion or bad color. By transforming them in illustrations I could take advantage of the composition and would not need to recreate all of it from scratch.
Thanks in advance.

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