Travel in Australia, second stop Brisbane - Dreamstime

After there dyas stay in Sydney, My wife and I took Australia airplane to the peace and beautiful city,Brisbane. We stay in Brisbane for two days.

It is said by local, Australia teem with a very rare stone called Australian opal and also only production in world. It is monopolized by four big family in Australia and they possess of opal mine privately and have a mining right forever.

We are lucy enough to have a time to visit a one work shop and production show of the four big family's company. In the work shop, professional show us the whole opal production. The professional tell us very details.

After production show, we are brought to the next room. In the room, all kind of opal stone that been sculptured list in the glass stall and also the price of opals usually are very high. We also lucy enouth to buy a very beautiful green and yellow coloured opal necklace just for a low price and my wife is very exciting.

Photo credits: Watercattle.

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