Travel Facts: What Is The Most Populous Black Nation?

The simple fact is: the West African Federal Republic of Nigerian - which is situated in the Sub-Saharan geographical region - just above the equator. With over 500 spoken languages, the American CIA estimating it to have over 250 ethnic groups and a United Nations population estimate of about one third of Europe (about 180 million people) - making it the 7th largest country by population in the world - Nigeria's significance is arguably not limited to just Africa but indeed spans the entire planet!

So, why is so little known about this country

of countries which is over 900,000 square kilometers in size - or enough land to fit Germany, Norway and Italy altogether - unimaginable diversity and an obscene abundance of resources?

The BBC London "Welcome to Lagos" series give some interesting insights of its 16 million strong, densely populated capital city! However, whilst its national literacy rate is only modest (at about 50%), Nigeria is indeed the original home of internationally renown geniuses like the English Literature Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka!

For the travel adventurer, there is lots to behold... Ancient architecture, colourful traditions, and intriguing cultural diversity... Music is another significant passion of this mysterious country - with the likes of the controversially inspirational Fela Kuti - who created his very own Afro Beat genre - the "masked" and extremely colourful Lágbájá, the more contemporary Bez, and the up and coming Chykay being some of the numerous big characters...

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Regardless of the pockets of bad news that make all the headlines, Nigerian is actually a country of happy people, fun loving and down to earth people at heart... From the remote desert encroaching villages of the northern Sahel Savana region of this Sub Saharan African country, to its southern beaches and diverse rain forests, a smiling face is never far away... One only needs to open one's eyes, keep an extremely open mind and be prepare to embrace an experience of a lifetime!

So, whether it be a desire to track some of the worlds most endangered species - such as the baby "Mandrill" monkey I previously discussed - an escapade into the rarely trodden game reserves of the middle belt or a slightly more relaxing soaking up of its seemingly unlimited offerings of sun and culture, Nigeria has an abundance of riches to offer the truly adventurous at heart!

The easy summary here is that, in Nigeria, the "dreamtime" photographic opportunities are - indeed - limitless!

Thanks for listening!


Photo credits: Edosaodaro, Nelson Ikheafe.

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Thanks Celia! Pleasing to hear that! Always a pleasure to share... In all honesty, my pictures don't do Nigeria adequate justice... Nigeria has lots more photographic treasures (especially for a keen antropologist :O) - unfortunately it is a bit of a logistical challenge...

Need I say - your portfolio is absolutely stunning! Lots to learn from you...



It was a pleasure to read about Nigeria and get to know a little more about this interesting country. Also, yur images are full of soul, I just love them.


Thanks Concetta!
Most kind - as always...


Great article, accompanied by beautiful pictures!


Thanks Alvera!
Thanks Susan!!!...


One click on Useful from me. Thanks for info.


very nice article. lots of things I did not know about Nigeria

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