Travel notes of ancient city(Part two)

What attract me most is the large houses of ancient timeses in the ancient city of Pingyao.

These large houses are all buildings in period of Ming and Qing

of China, these ancient buildings were the masterpieces of Chinese building art. Some of them large house build decades repeated, every place to work with great care.

The owners of these large houses of that year are all rich traders, the businessman here was very famous in China that year, their business is very great. There are very powerful and influential positions in China.

As I come into a large house each time, will all be decorated

and attracted by the overall arrangement here and exquisite

one. There are several or a dozen small courtyards in every

large house, there are different characteristics in each courtyard.

Famous director Mr. Zhang Yimou in China has made this film in the ancient city of an introduction, the name is a bright red lantern, describe the scene of the life of large house a century ago of ancient city.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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June 13, 2008


Thanks for visiting,and shake hands;)

June 06, 2008


Comment by Kittycat on June 05, 2008
Beautiful images and architecture. Love to visit one day.:)

Thanks a lot:)my friend Kittycat,welcome!

June 06, 2008


Comment by Dodolo on June 05, 2008
Im here,good work!man.
happy uploading

Thanks Dodolo:)

June 05, 2008


Beautiful images and architecture. Love to visit one day.:)

June 05, 2008


Thank you Cynthi:)

June 05, 2008


The architecture is beautiful and your photography represents your subject well. I love reading your blogs.

June 05, 2008


Thanks a lot, my friends:)

June 05, 2008


Lovely photos and the red lanterns.

June 05, 2008


Nice Photo. That is my dream house.

June 04, 2008


Wonderful images! The bright red lanterns jump right off the picture. Great work.

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