The travel 'Nuggets'

Sophie Dauwe & Jean-Jacques Serol / Pepite Photography

French Photographer, Jean-Jacques Serol has worked in Brussels for over 30 years, first managing pro photo labs, then running his own consulting services.

His experience honed him for all possible challenges and prestigious clients rise like success. He's now come full circle in his career by also shooting out in the field.

Belgian reporter and freelance photographer Sophie Dauwe is a true nomad at heart, galavanting her way around the globe as a travel writer since 1993.

Her love and fascination for Asia, and China in particular, have fueled many of her notable pieces of work. Her understanding of the region has given her an eye for nuances that far belies what meets the lens.

In 2002, destiny brought the two together for a love story and a partnership in which they travel worldwide and file on-location text-photo reports as team "Pepite Photography". Both long time contributors to major Belgian and French periodical press, Dauwe and Serol launched their own online travel magazine, ''Les Pépites du Voyage” in March 2012.

This numeric media has some of the essential "Nuggets" from their cherished journeys, shot via the lenses of their heart.

Photo credits: Sophie Dauwe.

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August 19, 2014


Hi Every Dreamstime Addict and photographers...
Thanks for choosing to introduce our blog! Sorry if some of us will be frustrated because our online travel blog is indeed in French, but isn't it here the pictures that you really enjoy before anything else.... Cheers! Sophie and JJ

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