Travel Photography

I love to travel and my goal is to incorporate my passion to travel with my camera to create images that capture people and cultures from all over this world. There is so much beauty and wonders around us each day that we miss, because we are so busy in our everyday lives. Images can capture many of those that we miss.

A fleeting humingbird, a child learning to read for the first time, or noticing the ornate architecture of an old building. If we stop to notice these things and can capture that milli-second of time, more people would be aware of their environment and existence.

I believe we are somehow connected and really good images can re-connect us and help us live better lives. I had a wonderful opportunity to visit a gallery of Lisa Kristine's the other day.

She had images from around the world that were truly spectacular.

Images that one was able to connect to on a personal level and no matter what culture, trandscend them all. I would recommend checking out some of those at her website,

These are the types of images I would strive to create. I am working on the technical angle of photography, but my passion is definitely there. Believe in yourself and carry on!

Photo credits: Anthonyata.

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February 22, 2020


I tell you Antony, nothing gives satisfaction like some of those scenes you mentioned. It's really ideal for one to be alive in this world of ours. Please, keep it up.

October 28, 2008


Travel fotography is my fav subject :)

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