Travel Photography

Hi, today I just wanted to share with you my favourite type of photography which is undoubtably travel photography. Whether it is because I am there on a day trip or a long distance holiday there always seems to be something new and exciting to discover. This can however pose a dilemma because the lighting in the french countryside and woodlands is completely different to the harsh sun of the Moroccan desert.

You build up a unique and quite personal view of the place you have visited, often coming home with photos of the most weird and wonderful things that suddenly caught your fancy.

For me it is a medium that also helps me to remember what that place was like and what I was feeling at the time. In my portfolio on dreamsime I have photos from




and Morocco.

Hopefully I'll gert the chance to go somewhere different again very soon.

Thanks for reading this everyone, have a great day :)

Photo credits: , Victoria Simmonds.

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May 02, 2012


nice shots

August 12, 2011


Thanks for the kind comments

August 08, 2011


Wow, amazing images, congratulations.

August 08, 2011


stunning photos! thanks for sharing!

August 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing, great images!

August 07, 2011


Thank you for sharing. Your words really encouraged me to do what I am doing, meaning travel photography and editorials:) Great photos!

August 07, 2011


Beautiful photos and places! Thanks for sharing your travel photos. Have a nice day! :)

August 07, 2011


Although I share the same idea on travel photography, every picture is made up of emotions and memories, every place at any time is always of a different kind of light, the beauty of photography is just that! Greetings!

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