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Many of you travel and I am lucky that I get to do so for my day job as an engineer. This position has taken me from California to Taiwan and many states and countries in between. Unfortunately, I don't always bring my DSLR camera with me for logistical reasons. Sometimes, I'm on several flights within a short span of time going from one location to another so carrying extra “stuff” can be cumbersome.

While I bring a point and shoot camera to capture memories, I have missed out on some great stock photograph opportunities. Yes, I now look at pictures differently when I take them. What was once taking images for the composition or emotion that it invokes now has morphed into whether this image will make a great stock photo. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Fortunately, on a recent business trip to Vancouver Canada, I did bring along my DSLR camera with me and was able to capture around 780 images when I was not working. From this exhaustive collection of images, I narrowed the list considerably and was able to capture, in my opinion, some great images both for stock and personal pleasure.

Vancouver is known for very fresh seafood and I had the pleasure of eating a lot of it during my short time there. This image is one that was taken at a local restaurant of my dinner of sablefish over pureed carrots. It was a great meal.

In the future, while I am not going to have the opportunity to bring my DSLR with me on all business trips, I will try to when I go to more exotic locations and add to my already eclectic mix of images.

Photo credits: Tempestz.

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To help showcase some of my travel pictures and that of other photographers, i have created a collection of recognizable views and landmarks throughout the world. I hope you enjoy...

Recognizable views and landmarks from around the world


I am traveling through Asia now with a Nikon 1V1. So far some of the images look great but will have to wait until I get home to edit them and see for sure.

Here is an image taken close to my home with the camera.    Wind turbine under construction   


A small mirorrless camera will be gold for you. Good luck.


@perstock, thank you for the recommendation.


Yeah, always bring the pocketcamera. Really love my AW100, only miss .raw!
And Dan, some really nice shots - and places - there :-)


I just had a set of travel pictures approved from Vancouver Canada including some great skyline images, please check them out in my portfolio and let me know what you all think. Thank you


Its great you can have the time to photograph during your travels. Thanks for sharing.


Lucky indeed. I also love to travel and although it is hard to take the digital SLR along, the adventure is part of the fun. There is always something new to see and photograph.
Good luck.


Good luck with your adventures and travel photography! I have been doing it for many years (for fun) and have loved every second of it!


I love to travel too!


Too bad travel after 9/11 has never been the same. Now it's a royal pain in the ---. Going to any place interesting for me means that I lose a whole day in airports or on the plane. Last year I went to the Maldives ( from Boston ) and it took a total of 32 hours. Since roughly 1959 ( Boeing 707 ) we have not gone faster that 600mph ( Concorde apart ). That's over 50 years! Common Boeing, Airbus, we need over 1000mph! Wait until the Chinese really start traveling, it will be airport and air space gridlock. Los Angeles throughway in the air!


Great you're able to travel. I love to travel.


nice blog. thanks for sharing.


Yes, I do confirm @Martingraf that the G1X is great. The only negative point is, it is quite slow in action.


for those cases: the Canon G1X is an excellent solution - small enough but nearly as good as a DSLR - did some of my best stock photos with it - nice food pic!

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