travel photos sales is icing to the cake

Is my passion for travelling paying off bonus?.

Never had I thought to use any of my initial excursion tour to the continent of North African for anything other than having them framed and presented to my house visitors and closed friends.

The tour also marked my first purchase of a DSLR, after many years of refusing to go digital as I adored the film medium and my old and trusty Nikon Fs that weathered rain, hail, snow and tempest.

When I went on a cross Tunisia guided bus tour visiting 21 cities in 16 days, I never imagined that some of these photographs I took at those amazing places I visited would be making some money for me as stock photographs.

I am still in the youthful stage as a contributor, being only a little more than one year old and 6 months more or less. The size of my port is even younger, comparatively speaking. Very small, only 213 to date. lol, I know of many who have actually uploaded just as many, or more, in one week, never mind having that as the total in one and half years.

Still, 213 it is. Like it or not, it's a good number. It entails many images I feel a passion for. Especially those of Tunisia.

Well, to date, I have one cute photograph of a hedgehog

that is my best seller. It went to the next Level .

The other close tie is a human interest image of a little boy riding a bicycle in a Cyclist for Hearts event. This image has brought me repeat downloads each year as my best editorial. Thank God for little children, and letting me be there at the right place and right time to capture this shot.

And the third close tie of repeat sales is that of a mountain oasis at

Mides in Tunisia. View from the top.

Well, knock on wood, keep my fingers crossed. If sales continue on my Tunisia exotic tour images, I may one day accumulate enough money to go back for yet a second time to revisit this glorious land.

Already yet again, today, a dl of yet another Tunisia shot, this one giving me 3 credits,

It marks download #2 for this image.

Woo hoo!

Dreamstime it is. Maybe it will be real-time deja vu .

Wish me luck, lots of downloads, and I wish you the same.

Thanks for reading .

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

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August 04, 2009


Its a dangerous business traveling and taking stock photos... you never know where you might end up! I'm sure there's many more downloads to come!

August 03, 2009


Here's wishing you much more icing!! (Don't eat it)

July 30, 2009


Great images! :0)

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