Travel Western Europe By train

Went to a book store yesterday searching for some travel guide about western Europe. Of course lonely planet is my first choice. When i looked through the book shelf, several other books drew my attention. "Travel by train in western Europe". The books listed several route which can cover 2-7 countries in Europe, travelling by train.

I like travel. When i was in China, travel by train is quite common. however, it is a bit crowd...

heard that train in Europe is not that crowd. checked the price yesterday via eurail, the price is quite high... dunno whether it is good for a budget travel. searched a bit in DT and found several pics taken about the landscape and travel in europe. of course, lots of pics about the train in europe, various kinds.

I may plan a trip by train covering several main cities in germany, austria, france, and maybe switzerland also.

© Maysky
train in canada

© Pasc06
train in france

train in italy

Photo credits: 1911guy, Jmarijs, Vanesa Djordjevic, Ketian Chen, Pasc06.

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January 09, 2009


thanks for the suggestions and link, will have a check!

A nice weekend!

January 09, 2009


I agree Train is best to Travel, when I was in Spain last year, I traveled a lot on Train, but my friend check the net for cheap airlines, Last year I flew to France from Spain for 89 Euro. You should really check all the possibilities then save lots of money and time.

January 09, 2009


For international train travel, you can use the InterRail passes, which are very popular among students and backpackers.

There are multi-country and single-country passes available, and are reasonably priced. You'll be limited in your choice of trains in several countries (not in Switzerland, but I know that you will be in Italy and France), but it's a very nice way of travelling if you have time on your hands.

Link is here.

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