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I signed up to Dreamstime some time ago, but I became more active in uploading for the past year. I dont plan to upload loads of images just to earn some money. Photography became my passion at the time I bought a new camera and Dreamstime gives me some kind of feedback what pictures are worth to upload and which are not. It made me really happy when somebody finally bought some of my pictures, making me think "Its not that bad bro." Im traveler by heart and most of my pictures are from my travels. Its just that I think this sort of artwork isnt good for selling. Id be happy for any help and ideas, that would help me to expose or even sell more of my pictures here ... :o)

Trinity College Library in Dublin

Taipei night skyline panorama

Girls party at the fountain bridge

Spiral staircase

Korean fish soup

Vertical forest buildings in Milan, May 2015

Sunny winter weather, snow on trees in forrest, blue sky during skiing in Alps mountines

Photo credits: Jakub Zajic.
  • Jzajic
  • Rokytnice, Czech Republic
Young camera enthusiastic, PhD student from Czech Republic, working in health care, traveler by heart.

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June 01, 2016

Hi Jakub,
My Dreamstime story is very similar to yours. I also love traveling and my DT photos both uploaded and sold are mostly from my journeys. What I caught for myself is that picture is much more attractive for customers when it’s enlivened by the presence of people or animals.
My first picture sold on DT has just 8 mpxls but it found the customer in a month after uploading even being unedited. I think the selling occurred because a lizard was nearby the sculpture.
As for me landmarks without people are just snapshots that are present in any travel guide. But people or at least their silhouettes brighten any picture making it unique.
Sorry for quite a long comment and good luck with shooting!
   Goddess Chamunda   


June 01, 2016

Thanks for the comment, I will keep uploading for sure ;o) And as I ve read here, Ill select also more of the editorial pics ...


June 01, 2016

Great images Jakub!
Shure you will sell, just upload more :-)