Traveling the Chepe (2nd part)

Last month I created a Blog with my first 6 images of this marvelous trip through the Cooper Canyon on the north part of Mexico in the train called CHEPE (Chihuahua Pacific Train). Now I want to add some other pics as I think they are very illustrative of this experience.

I took this trip with my family last November traveling on this train 980 km (612 mi) from the Pacific coast to high mountains (2440 meters or 8000 ft high) on Chihuahua State, from hot to cold weather, crossing 86 tunnels (one of them 1.81 km long) and 37 bridges.

IMO there are two very important things to admire on this trip and they are the landscapes and the people.

This is the land of Tarahumara indians ("the ones with light feet"), they have lived in the Cooper Canyon for centuries, and they still preserve many original elements of their culture like crops and handcrafts, they are famous for their running skills some are able to run 100 km (62.5 mi) in one single day, just because they like to run.

Photo credits: Enrique Gomez Tamez.

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March 11, 2010


thanks for sharing, beautiful images :)

March 10, 2010


Simply beautiful!

March 10, 2010


hola Enrique. once again, very wonderful image of the people.
i hope you are submitting your best images recording the lifestyles and people as editorials, they can sell more for you as reportage .

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