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As mentioned in some of my other blogs, I have the unique opportunity to travel the world for my engineering day job. This has brought me to places throughout North America and Asia. During the course of my travels I have been exposed to a variety of unique foods, from duck blood to sea cucumber. Some of the food has been great while some of it, not so much.

To help capture some of these images, I usually bring a prime lens with the lowest aperture f1.8 in my camera bag. While I would love to tripod mount my camera to assure the sharpest image possible, this is not always realistic since I am usually out on a business dinner. Additionally, using a flash is not possible since this can also be annoying to those I’m out to dinner with.

Instead I shoot with the lens wide open to collect as much light as possible at the sacrifice for depth of field. I have started a collection of some of my food pictures and those of other photographers who have some great images.

Food from around the world

Please enjoy the pictures and much as I enjoyed eating the food.

Photo credits: Tempestz.

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October 29, 2013


Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

October 29, 2013


makes me smile - your food photos - I have many of them too and funny thing is, some of them already made the sales to pay the bill for that meal - so I started taking photos of many things I buy - one of the best investments were the flowers for our wedding aniversary - I got double the money back already ;)

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