Traveling North America in an RV for a year!

Well I have the chance of a lifetime and I am traveling North America and photographing everything I can. I have I guess semi retired at age 24 and will be heading back into real life I have an Rv and some maps and no schedule. It is fantastic! So far I have been all throughout Canada from the Pacific to Manitoba, Alaska, washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Illinois! I am having an amazing time, though internet and uploading pictures is hard on the road. I will be traveling non stop for another year or so. I love it o far and can't wait to be able to upload pictures to share! I am headed into Chicago tomorrow, does anyone have any suggestions of what to see? I definitely will go to the Art Museum, Photography, Contemporary art, Science and Natural History Museums.. any other suggestions? Thanks!!


Photo credits: Bcbounders, Elena Elisseeva.

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September 08, 2009


24 and semi retired nice one sounds like a good plan the journy looks a lot of fun cant wait to see what you have shot..;)

September 06, 2009


Sounds like you're having a lot of fun, Vanessa! I'm looking forward to checking out your uploads. By the time you get through with post editing, you should have over 1000 images here. Keep us posted!

September 05, 2009


This is really going to be a great trip! Have fun, and good luck! Anxious to see your photos!

September 04, 2009


Sharp pictures of Hawaii! Have fun :)

September 04, 2009


Hey Vanessa - sounds amazing - am extremely envious - show us some shots of the real Chicago, down & dirty, not posh & fancy. Not that I mean Chicago is dirty....

September 04, 2009


thanks everyone! I am trying to keep a journal but writing is hard while I am doing so much! Thanks for your support and comments! I appreciate them!

September 04, 2009


Ooh, sounds wonderful! I would love to do that here in New Zealand, but it'll have to wait until my kids leave school. That will be a while as my youngest has only just started school. lol :0)

September 04, 2009


I will suggest that you keep a good journal. You will very much want to consider writing a book about the adventure.

September 04, 2009


Oh, do I envy you! That must be the thrill of a lifetime. We'll be looking for the pictures you'll be uploading.

September 04, 2009


beautiful! .. I live in Italy and I do not know what point you to visit there .. but I think that there are problems of choice!..truly a wonderful journey!

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