Traveling and photography !

Dear fellow photographers,

What do u have to say on this ??

"Real Photographers are Passionate Travelers "

Personally speaking, I love traveling and have visited all most all the popular spots, including a few lesser known ones also, in South India, because I work there.

I have some plans for world trips , but its time to decide whether I can go for it , and when I can really afford to go !!

Friends, please do share ur opinion in this regard..


Photo credits: Subhrajyoti Parida.

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January 26, 2011


Love them both, traveling and photographing! Not sure if I am a "real" photographer, but at least a passionate one! :)

November 29, 2010


I love travel, for me at photographer its amazing

November 29, 2010


Travel doesn't make a photographer, but what I photographer can make during travel can be marvalous.
Photographers do not need to be be passionate travelers, as some can be more focused or passionate about the things around them and every day life... but someone with the photographic eye can really capture the beauty of travel, so I can see how those who are photographers can become more passionate about travel along with it.

November 29, 2010


Love travel for photography so many different changes out there

November 29, 2010


I'm so gutted that I didn't really become interested in photography until I embarked on a world trip - I thought the pictures I took were amazing.....until I developed a more critical eye on only a handful of the thousands of pictures I took were actually any good (and in my portfolio :o) )

Travel certainly brought out the photographer in me, it's just a shame that I had to make all of my mistakes on my big adventure! .....So it's a good excuse to do it again I guess :o)

November 29, 2010


Travel and photography go hand in hand..( though may not be very stock oriented). But then you capture a place and a moment forever... BTW Nice image of the gateway of India

November 29, 2010


Thanks for your wonderful comments...Lets keep up the discussion...

November 28, 2010


I agree, I find travel and photography to go hand in hand. I also agree with David in saying it can be frustrating when time and weather do not allow for capturing the images we desire while on a trip.

November 28, 2010


I also got my start in 1985 when I traveled around with world and picked up an SLR in Hong Kong near the start of the trip...

November 28, 2010


A trip around the world when I took some time off work back in 2005 is what got me into photography.


November 28, 2010


When you go to new places its not always easy to get the weather and light and time to be right. Sometimes its easier to get images near home where you can choose time and light and weather ! But I understand your words and empathise with them 'travel to take photos'......... David.

November 28, 2010


Thanx for ur comments Shopartgallery..

November 28, 2010


Quite nice words Tupungato...
I hope u wont mind if I take these words to my Facebook Wall..

November 28, 2010


I take photos to travel. I travel to take photos :)

November 28, 2010


Many photographers are passionate travelers...Is food for them...Travelling you have many opportunities to get fantastic shots.

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