I love travelling! One of my dreams is to travel and see the whole Europe!

I think it's the most beautiful continent of the planet. You can find anything

you want. It has so much variety. Culture, nature, delicious cooking.

There is always something new to explore. I think Italy it's one of the

most beautiful places in the world...

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September 25, 2013


I hope to go there sometime...

September 23, 2013


Yes, many people like to travel, I liked it, a lot of traveling you can enjoy culture, landscapes and people, but I now have their own work, can not travel frequently, and my English in general, exchanges will be my go to other countries disorder, although this, if there is holidays, I will still go in China to travel anywhere they like, but also hope to take some beautiful pictures!

September 23, 2013


South Italy is amazing. Visits lecce, my town or look at my portfolio

September 23, 2013


I also like traveling in the whole world specially to places with interesting fauna for my photography, soon in October I am to visit Lituania and later Slovenia, looking forward to these (for me) unknown countries!

September 23, 2013


Yes, Italy it's one of the most beautiful places in the world... but Romania is more beautiful!! When you decide to visit Romania to notify me and I will tell you the most beautiful places in my country! Best regards, Lenuta:)

September 23, 2013


About Italy I think that too!

September 23, 2013


I love travelling too, but I'm stuck in one city with it's surroundings for most of the time, so have no choice but to make the best out of it.
Reckon your right regarding Europe - reckon too that Italy is one of the best places for photography - the variety from the north to the far south is amazing.

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