Travelling light with your DSLR

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You have your DSLR. You have your lenses. Many of them. What do you do if you really don't want to take them ALL with you?

Well, there are things to consider - how much weight you are prepared to carry and what compromises you are ready to take.

My personal choice for ultra light traveling is taking a wide to telephoto lens (for universality) and a small fixed focal for bokeh and its light. So, in two lenses you have almost all you need.

My set : Tamron 18-250 and 50mm f1.7 (which, by the way, is so small I can carry it in my pocket literally).

Of course I wish I could have more lenses with me at times, but when you need to go light - that's what I recommend.

Photo credits: Elnur.

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May 21, 2008


I have two light setups that I use regularly, depending on the situation (or what can fit in the bag after other necessities). I always take my 70-300 zoom telephoto. The second lense is usually my 28 - 90, 15 - 50, or wide angle (has a slight zoom, but can't recall off the top of my tired head). Most of the time, it's the telephoto zoom plus the 28 - 90.. plus sunscreen and a couple snack bars. Next light packing option is the zoom telephoto and the wide angle. When I can, I pack the telephoto zoom mentioned above, the wide angle, and one of the smaller zoom lenses (28 - 90 or 15-50). If I know I will be indoors most of the time, I skip the wide angle and pack the two smaller lenses.
Ok, so looking at that I have more than just a couple ready-to-go setups in my head. :) When I have to go ultra light, I take only the 70-300 telephoto zoom. Less liabilities that way, in regards to missing shots.

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