Tribute to the music

A few days ago, to my great joy, DT approved my illustration "Piano Dream"

by which homage the music, my great source of inspiration. The music helps me in creating the artwork, once even helped me create the subjects and scripts for the comics that I wanted to create (but at the moment I have "frozen" them because of the impossibility to continue some projects without an editor, in other words). The music is the way in which I canalize my feelings then succeeded to the paper.

I am glad that "piano dream" is now here. I can say to you (but don't tell to someone :-) ): I realized this illustration after listening to "Piano string in es dur" of X Japan, one of my favorite band.

I don't want to become boring, telling you which illustrations have been "suggested" by the music, but interested parties may ask me without any problems! :-)

Now I return to my works! See you soon!

Ciao, G.E.

P.S. I did other illustrations in this period, here it is:

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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