Tricks of digital photography: use a white t-shirt as a reflector

I read this article in an Italian blog, which carried over in full ... I am not an expert, but also for those who are beginners like myself, could be very useful ... remains just try it!

"Speaking with a friend who does the professional photographer, was being discussed on the use of reflectors to illuminate the subjects of the photographs.

All of us happen to have no chance to bring back the spotlight for photographing; indeed, who is not a professional lives this situation as natural. My friend confided to me one of his tricks of the digital photographer: When there is no spotlight, he wearing a white T-shirt

You understand: He is position is to close to subject and the sun is reflected on his white shirt. He ensure that there are disadvantages, indeed, the subject does not found strange looking equipment around him feel more calm.

On this occasion I would add another trick for photography covering a white t-shirt when shots with the flash but you want to make this not "fire" too and the light is more tenuous, use the shirt as "bounce", as speaker , Which is not to change the white light naturale. Here is a t-shirt becomes a photo equipment "

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Photo credits: Dani74.

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December 16, 2008


Hmm nice trick. Let's try it.

December 15, 2008


Thanks for the tip

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