The trip of lijiang Episode 1: start

© Tobey

After the end of interview of the graduate examination, I have many time to kill and at that time my college schoolmate invited me to tour the old city of li jiang in yun nan province. That was what I wanted urgely, beacuase during the spring festival I brought a nikon D40 dslr and at that time I knew I love photography for ever,so I accpeted her invitation. And then I said goodbye to my associate professor and my brother and order a ticket of next day’s trail to pan zhi hua in si chuan province, beacause there is no nonstop trail to my destination unless you take the I had to arrive at pan zhi hua and then to choose the bus to reach my dream place—li jiang.However, I rember I motto:“If you want to see fantastic scene ,you have to spend huge effort and experence dangerous business.” That really proved my think: during in bus , the journey was full of danger.Beacause we were driving on the plateau ,there were many montains and the road was sky parway,so the swerve was almost 180 degree. But ,in another hand , the outdoor view had striked my soul: the sky was bright blue , the cloud which like cotton candy was close to you and can not help offerring your hands to reach them. Totally after 26 hours journey I successfully met my schoolmate,her had already arrange my accommodate . After a shower I slept a while and the splendid trip had just started.

Photo credits: Tobey.

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