Trip to beautiful Madeira Island

  • March 27, 2016

Madeira Island coastline with cliffs, village and blue ocean

A few weeks back I went for a trip to the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira. Although the island is not so large (it is around 56 km / 35 miles long) the altitude can be really high and it also means the "climate" changes almost with every road turn.

Aerial view of Funchal

Funchal city, aerial view with cruise ship harbour during sunset, Madeira Island

First I came to Funchal, the capital city of the island, like every other "flying" visitor has to, because of the airport location. I stayed in a beautiful apartment near banana plantation, where I had the most beautiful view both at night and in the morning.

Funchal city night, Madeira Island, Portugal

Banana tree with a bunch bananas

Next day I took a bus to the western part of the island, town Porto Moniz, where you can swim in natural sea pools. The colour of the ocean water is almost unbelievable.

Ocean wave splashing rock shore

From there I went to a small village in the mountains, where I went to see "Balcoes", beautiful panoramic view of the local mountains with fresh green forests.

Ocean wave splashing rock shore

And I walked the most famous Levada do Furado walk, Madeira's typical hiking walk along the irrigation channel through the rain-forest.

Madeira Levada walk path scenic

Madeira Levada walk

I also visited the eastern part of the island, where a rocky desert replaces rain forest, but it is also very charming.

Agave attenuata plant on rocky desert plain field, Madeira Island

Cliffs on eastern coastline of Madeira Island

And when you are back in Funchal and have an afternoon left, you can take a cable car up to Monte hill and then walk down back to the city along the Bom Sucesso levada walk, where you shouldn't miss beautiful but hidden fairy waterfall.

Waterfall Madeira tropical rainforest levada

So what do you think, worth to visit? I definitely think so!

And if you're interested in more photos from this beautiful island, take a look into my Madeira Island collection.

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April 02, 2016

I fell in love with Madeira. One of the little things I will always remember is the scent of eucalyptus everywhere. It is astoundingly beautiful there and full of gorgeous vistas and friendly people.


March 28, 2016



March 27, 2016

Yea, portugese islands are really cool... higly reccomended to go to Lisbon or Porto first, spend some days there and then continue to the islands... flights are really cheap in off-season (but even in January, the ocean is around 25°C in Madeira, so...)