Trip to the Khmer dynasty of ancient Cambodia

Of all our trips after coming to Singapore this one was the best. I and my husband decided just to travel and do photography as much as we can and there would be no time to relax in the trip :) [well, there was little buffer added for relaxing ;) ]

I can only show you what we saw, but I can not make you feel what we felt in the 1200 years old city. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Centre this complex still preserves its ancient beauty. Who will believe that the Khmer people made the largest religious monument by many loosely coupled stone blocks. We could see that no adhesive was used in between the stones. And the structure is still there with all its charisma. The bas relief work on its walls depicts many ancient stories. And you can visit the entire Angkor campus by spending only 20 USD per head.

Apart from main Angkor Wat temple there are more ruins of other temples like Angkor thom, Bayon, Tomb raider. Well, the actual name of Tomb Raider temple is Ta Prohm. But as the movie Tomb Raider was shot there it became famous as tomb raider temple :)

Bayon temple is the unique one with all gigantic smiling faces of God.

Aside the historic aspects you would like Cambodian people as well. They are extremely down to earth and helping. The Khmer cuisine is also delicious.

The best part of the entire trip was our early morning visit to Angkor Wat temple. We thought we are among the few ones who took pain to get up early and see the historic beauty. But after reaching there we almost struggled to get a place in the huge crowd! So many people from different countries gathered to watch the marvelous sunrise. I took a photo before the sunrise but could not dare to post in DT as it has considerable grains. To me those grains are going well with the mystic ambiance :) You can have look here: Angkor wat Before sunrise

Some quick facts in case you plan to visit Cambodia:

1. November to January is good time to visit as humidity level remains low. Never plan in summer.

2. You need an on arrival VISA, current cost is 20 USD and valid for 1 month.

3. Do study on the history before visiting the place, it will make your trip more interesting.

4. Guide is not essential if you already studied on the history

5. Rent a tuktuk for a whole day to visit the entire campus. Believe me, they take just 15 USD and if you become little friendly they will give so many info about the temples :)

6. Don't book a hotel too far from the bustling night market and city.

7. Don't miss the sunrise at Angkor wat

Photo credits: Freedomsfolio.

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Beautiful. Cambodia is a stunning country, you have captured it perfectly!



That's right, unless you start training for it beforehand, for example by doing daily push-ups in a turkish bath. :-)


Thank you :)
@elifranssens..+ u will get exhausted v fast while shooting outdoor :) So winter is better


Wow, amazing images, thanks for sharing.


nice pictures


Great images! Thanks for sharing!


"November to January is good time to visit as humidity level remains low. Never plan in summer."

Good advice indeed. I went on several trips to South East Asia including Cambodia, always in summer, and the humidity really prevents you from taking crisp and clear photos.


Thanks Fabio and everyone for the encouraging words :)


Amazing images, very nice work!!!


What a lovely trip! Nice photos--thanks for sharing.


great to hear from you all :) thanks


Amazing photos, I feel inspired!


Very interesting and lovely photos as usual.


Very interesting article and fantastic photos! You are so lucky to be able to travel to such places.


Thank you :)


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


Amazing ! Great ! :-)


Thank you. Glad you liked them


Thanks a lot for sharing! Excellent photos!

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