Trip to Nam Sang Wai (China. Hong Kong)

Crisscrossed by the Kam Tin River and Shan Pui River, Nam Sang Wai‘s rustic scenery attracts bird-watchers, cyclists and picnickers, as well as photographers and even film crews. You can explore the area along a network of paths. This landscape of (mostly abandoned) farms and glistening fish ponds surrounded by waving tall reeds and simple wooden huts will make you feel a world away from urban Hong Kong.

Wet land with pier and white note

In Nam Sang Wai. there have a farm.You can see a African Spur Tortoise at there

African Spur Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata)

also there have a Grass garden. i was take a dog photo at there

Beagle Dog sit on grass

Photo credits: Samuel Lam.

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November 26, 2015


Love your animal pics, very cute! Also another place I will have to visit, thanks for introducing it!

November 26, 2015


nice shots.....Mai po is awesome too....

November 26, 2015


Beautiful! The landscape in your description is so great!

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