a trip during the tomb-sweeping day

April 4 is the qingming day, an important traditional day for remembering the dead and the dearly departed. In the qingming day, the chinese families used to leave the homes and to sweep the graves of their forebears. And this year, it is the first time for the qingming day being officially listed as a public vacation. fortunately, april 4 occured on friday.

We took the advantage to have a three-day trip to laiyuan to pay our respect to the martyrs during april 4-6. Laiyuan was an important battlefield during the second sino-japanese war. shafei, war photographer at that time, took a lot of photos about the battles happen on laiyuan section of the great wall( photo1, photo2 ) . Up to now, the watchtowers and walls there are still well-preserved.

We trekked along the great wall for two days, and camped for one night. peach blossoms are in full blooming, while the color of the mountain is still gray. At the end of our trip, we found the original site of the photography " Shweik'ou in November" by Dr. Geil.

Photo credits: Carmentianya.

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