How important is a Tripod to a photographer ? This could be a question that would be in a mind until you have one.

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But the point is who is willing to carry a tripod already the camera bag with those lens and charger storage media and camera makes it heavy.

But Wait ...

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What if your tripod is compact and could be fit in a small place.

In that case this is really a very useful tool for any photographer to take along with. Usually while shooting for images with zoom a slightest shake might ruin the shot, this is when a tripod could come to your rescue.

Usually unless it is an indoor shoot one doesn't carry a tripod but what if your tripod is so compact that it could be just a foot long when folded. that would be a boon to the photographer. I recently bought one [Targus make] that would become a 5 foot long tripod when expanded but would be just a foot long when in bag. with a detachable lock it can be detached in a sec in case you want it to be disengaged from the tripod. This tripod could be set in different heights. It also has a water bubble mark to make sure that you are exactly in plane.

Although I have not used it still I am very excited about it. I would also like to here from those professional photographers out there on what suggestions they would give in this regard to those new comers in this area about the usage of Tripods. Comments are welcome.

Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

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That I agree... one can Look wierd amongst group of tourists


I have one which I really adore, I always carry this with my camera, I have nice bag where my camera, lens and tripod fits in and still can carry some water and snacks, very useful. Well Tripod is very important, but only problem is it attracts lots of attention from onlookers.

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