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There are swans, and then there are Trumpeter Swans (Cygnus buccinator). As the name indicates, Trumpeter Swans demonstrate a distinctive way of communicating, (if humans could just understand what they're saying.)

As juveniles, trumpeter swan cygnets transform from little white fluffballs...

© Tazzy brown-tinged adolescents... the brilliant white plumage of adults. All this takes about a year.

Another indication of an immature trumpeter is the orange beak, rather than the black beak of an adult.

If you want to find all 8700 photos of swans, just do a Dreamstime search with keyword "swan." To narrow it down, you can use the latin name "cygnus," or narrow your search even more by entering "cygnus buccinator."

Photo credits: Geoffrey Kuchera, Judy Whitton, Dana Kenneth Johnson.

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March 27, 2012


The pictures are beautiful!

March 25, 2012


Beautiful images!!!

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March 22, 2012


Great images, good luck.

March 22, 2012


Beautiful swans and great photos!

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