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I have many gorilla pictures, some online and more in the archive. I always like their very expressive faces as well as their expressive postures. Since the pictures were taken in a zoo, the backgrounds were not always attractive.

I captured a great look on a gorilla one day and really wanted to make it more interesting. So I started to play with it and finally came up with a gorilla on a dark walkway of an old building, ready to run. It took me a while but eventually the surreal scenery came together in the picture. This was an unusual animal submission for me and I'm so glad it got accepted. It was surely fun to experiment with an idea and really fun to place the gorilla where you usually don't see them.

One the same day, I took another picture and submitted as a traditional zoo picture.

Just wondering, which would you find more interesting?

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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March 03, 2010


These are great! Planning to do some "monkeying around" with my camera down at the National Zoo in D.C. as soon as it warms up a bit. I always love the primates! I find both of these photos very interesting, and the one where you placed the gorilla in a new location is super-cool. I bet the other one is probably more marketable here in the microstocks because it is more natural, and it seems like the buyers who shop at these places are not usually looking for anything "surreal", or "artsy". I also wonder if people might not think it is too dark in some areas of the image, but then, what do I know ? I still only have 4 photos up in my portfolio yet, lol! So I am basing my opinions on the feedback and rejections that I get from my own photos. Personally, I think they are both awesome though!

January 05, 2009


Thank you, Linqong!

December 23, 2008


Very creative works!!!Great try!!!

December 22, 2008


Thank you, Irisangel!

December 20, 2008


Great job! Certainly makes for a more interesting image. Good luck with sales.

December 20, 2008


Thank you! Yep, I like furry animals except I need to do cutout --- that's the only time I wish they could have less fluffy hairs:)

December 20, 2008


Nice work... Cutouts of furry animals are very hard, and the light reflections are so complex that it's extremely difficult to find a background that does not look fake.
Your image works pretty well, so it's just fair that it got accepted. I wish you many sales!

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