Try to shoot the halobios

This time I go to the aquarium to take some picutures of halobios. Before I go to the aquarium, I always very interested in how others take the wonderful picutures of halobios.

When I try to take the pictures of halobios, I find that the image is very wonderful. But the biggest challenge for me is the low lightness. In the very poor lightness condition, the fish is swimming very fast. So I can not shoot all the wonderful image. So the only way is to use a higher ISO value. But I still can't shoot the fast-moving fish. It's a pity.

The halobios are so colorful. The two picutures I toke are very colorful. I think to emphasize the color is a very useful way to shoot them. Waiting them swimming towards your camera is also a very interesting thing. A lot of time, a fish is like a archness child.

If there are more chances of taking photo of halobios, I think I can take much more wonderful pictures.

© Fjord

Photo credits: , Wenyan Wu.


fish halobios

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