Try and try again...

You never know what you’ll see.

Double Crested Cormorant in flight, Georgia USA

After literally hundreds of morning walks by my office, this morning there was something I had never seen before on this pond. At first I thought the splash in the brown murky water was one of the beavers ending a night of tree-felling and heading back to his home. But when the creature surfaced, it had a much longer neck than a Beaver!

A Double-crested Cormorant popped up out of the water with a fish in his hooked bill. Since it didn’t immediately notice my presence, I was able to watch it fish for several minutes. Once his senses picked me up, he took to the air, circled the pond twice (giving me some great photo-ops!) and moved on.

Although this is definitely not the first Cormorant I've seen, and it is not necessarily a rarity for Walton County, Georiga, this is the first cormorant I’ve seen on this pond, and not sure when I’ll see one again. So each outdoor excursion can hold something new. Get out there day after day, even if you don't find anything!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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Darn those model releases! Photographers bane.


Stay alert for a photo op at all times. They can appear when least expected. I'll never forget an experience I had on a hiking trip in W. Virginia a couple of years ago. I entered a clearing and surprised a Sasquatch feeding on a deer carcass. As it stood and turned towards me I snapped off a few frames. It gave me the finger then disappeared into the forest. An editor at the National Enquirer said that since I didn't have the creature sign a release on the photos he couldn't publish my pics due to copyright restrictions. Nevertheless, it was a day I'll never forget.John KehlTowson, MD


Great shot William.


Your image is amazing. thanks for sharing.


Good shot, and nice story.


Great capture.


Wonderful shot William and good blog tip.


Great shot. Beautiful bird!


Thats very true my friend. Nothing is promised to us but if we keep at it we can reap some rewards.

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