Trying something new?

Hi all

Im really into this stock thing now and dedicate ALOT of time to it lately,I am doing better at some sites than others but not making enough to buy coffee yet lol.

I am going to try my hand at more still life,objects and see if that helps does anyone have any sound advise for me?

im also going to try more illustrations but i dont have a great program to do them in only psp

hugs have a great day liza

Photo credits: Liza Scott.

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March 10, 2011


thank you all for the advise :)

March 08, 2011


Check out my blog "My (almost) free lighting setup" for some tips on creating isolated images on white. Also, people pictures sell well. Good Luck.

March 08, 2011


thank you all for the advise :) yes i plan on adding more and more i have 2 more accepted today :)

March 08, 2011


Liza-Liza, lazy Liza:) Sorry for this word game! You are not newbie by time, why don't you upload more?? People say - don't speak about sales before you have 500 pics in portfolio! Sorry again, I'm old teacher and habit to critic is in my blood;)
Advise - OK, I have one. Don't take like ideal most popular pics on site. Many of them have got big points on time when stocks had very few of contributors and buyers were just without choice.
Good luck!
P.S. Like you I'm still without coffee from my DT earning...'coz I still didn't earn $100...and 'coz I hate coffee;))

March 08, 2011


Keep uploading, keep working!

March 08, 2011


Hello Liza! My advice is the same as the others:keep uploading!!! For my illustrations I use Illustrator, but you can try also Inkscape. On internet there are many tutorials that can help you :-)
Best of wishes, Francesca

March 08, 2011



I started with stock 10 months ago and my best advice is... try to get an understanding about what buyers want. My first submissions where mainly macro images (insects) and I soon discovered they did not sell well. Then I started with products shots. Had zero experience (no flash experience either) but sales increased a lot from there.

Isolations on white sell best (at least for me they do) and as Meriaam already said... upload on a regular basis. Your portfolio is still very small. Sales will increase also when there are more images to chose from!

Good luck!

March 08, 2011


Working hard pays the time... Enjoy and upload as much as you can.

March 08, 2011



March 08, 2011


beautiful photo!!!

March 08, 2011


nice pic .good luck for the sales

March 08, 2011


I like your portfolio very much. It is great so far, just keep uploading new photos and illustrations! Increase your portfolio! Good luck Liza! I wish you all the Best and many more sales!

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