Trying something new

While most of my uploads here on Dreamstime have been people or product shots,I recently decided to try something quite out of my comfort zone. While there are a number of tributes to 9-11 on this site, I decided to see if I could take something very simple and make a concept shot to remember this terrible time in our history. I found a box of staples in my desk drawer and the light bulb went on! I also thought that perhaps I could try something a little different with the few lights that I have. After a lot of experimenting and some frustration,I looked through the viewfinder and saw something I really liked. Now for the big test! I uploaded it that same day and was fortunate to have it accepted. Hopefully everyone here can derive a little inspiration from my success. It doesn't always take a lot of expensive equipment and props to get a shot that will add a new dimension to your portfolio

Photo credits: Paul Jantz.

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April 05, 2011


Nice shot

April 05, 2011


Wish I'd have thought of that!!

April 05, 2011


Nice idea, good luck.

April 04, 2011


very clever, and the color is really fitting

April 04, 2011


Good luck!

April 04, 2011


Good luck Paul!

April 03, 2011


Our cameras are nothing but a tool for our minds eye. Nice shot.

April 03, 2011


Good luck

April 02, 2011


Good luck...

April 02, 2011


nice pic

April 02, 2011


nice good luck

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