Trying to figure out what THEY want...

Stock photography has really got me thinking about what THEY (buyers) really want. My usual fun and forgetful photography isn't proving of any interest to potential buyers. I had to ask myself a few questions. Wondering day and night what it was that I was missing.

After deciding to research the site and others, I found that it was sometimes very simple. Talented photographers take oranges cut, sliced, peeled or whole and make them dance before the lens. I was in awe at how my kitchen could become a conceptual photo shoot if I just thought past it's commonality and familiarity and applied my camera.

Then I came across more complex photos of digital and technological displays. I found things I would and could do, and things I can't and did not want to delve into.

The main point I am trying to make is look before, after and during your leap! You will love what others have posted:)



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  • Ezzian

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April 15, 2015

Do you wantto make money or have fun? If you want to make money ( get another job ). you have to photograph things that are difficult, time consuming or boring. Flowers, architecture, babies, pets, food don't sell that well because everyone has photographed these things haphazardly and there are tons of them on stock sites.
Don't bother with shots of beautiful girls either. There are tons of them and the sales are few.
Do concept shots and photograph things, people or objects that no one has photographed before.
Good luck and have fun even if you only make pocket change!