Trying to increase sales by adding models

Man looking through magnifier

I have been looking very closely at not only my portfolio but of others that do well on Dreamstime and decided I need more people shots.

After all the whole idea is to hopefully increase sales so I think I need to try new things to get there.

I have added sports like bow hunting.

Bow hunter

Cammo bow hunter

I have fun and laughter with people swimming,

Swimming lessons

I even have a little soldier boy,

And a real jet pilot

Navy jet pilot

Boy in American army uniform

So only time will tell if this helps out the sales and portfolio but it is good experience and fun shooting people.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.
Dave Willman
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October 02, 2008

Good photo


October 01, 2008

Adding people shots is always a great idea. But here's a little bit of advice. Your bow hunter is almost 'lost' in the trees what with his camie clothes. Next time get him more out in the open so the viewer can see him better. The image will 'read' better in the thumbnail size and thus get downloaded more often. Thanks for keeping up the good work.


October 01, 2008

Thank you.


October 01, 2008

A great portfolio.


October 01, 2008

Hi Dave,

Your new model photos look great. Not long ago I added people shots to my portfolio, photos of golfers. Immediately I noted an increase of sales specifically these model shots. I wish you all the best with your new shots. Cheers, Marilyn