Last year i travel to Tunisia in my vacations. At that time i don


The country is great to take nice pictures, lot of warm colors, different people, beautiful landscape.

In my on country i do a lot of canyoning and i see big waterfalls and water.

In Tunisia i remember waking up at 3 in the morning, travel by jeep for miles to see what they call as the "Big waterfall".

At the beginning i have the hope of see a huge waterfall, big that the ones i have in my home country (waterfalls with 100, 130, 160 feet). To my surprise the big waterfall only have 40 feet

But i understand that in the middle of the Sahara desert, is a big waterfall!

My only regret is all the photos that i have and can

But the country is beautiful with nice people (love the tuareg people).

If you can visit!

© Radist

Photo credits: Daniel Boiteau, Evangelos Thomaidis, Amamra Ali, Miguel Angelo Silva, Ioana Grecu, Radist.

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