Turn your pictures into videos for Dreamstime by TIMELAPSE technique - Dreamstime

Do you like to take picture but can't make high quality video ?

have you got a good photo camera but not video camera ?

Turn you knowledge in photography into video making !

All you need is you camera, a tripod and a remote control:

1) first find a good moving scene, something that may change a lot in about 20 / 30 minutes but not too quickly.

For example: a sunset, a sunrise, or moving clouds

2) place your tripod in a good and stable position and frame your scene in the best way, take your time and try to compose a dynamic shot.

in this phase, do all your best in photography composition.

3) set your camera in best quality JPEG mode, (RAW takes too much memory) set mode in AV with a static aperture value and leave time automatic.

Set a static ISO value, about 100.

Set your auto focus on scene and then set focus to manual, to prevent refocus during the time-lapse

4) set you remote control:

you can find compatible remote controls in internet market for few dollars, or buy a more expensive brand one, but for this purpose I don't think it's necessary.

Set your remote control to take about 1 picture per second.

You can change this time depending on light condition and make it longer if the exposition is longer than 1 second.

With this rate you will take 60 pictures in a minute, and 900 pictures in 15 minutes.

with these 900 frames, using a video rate of 25 Fps you will get a 36 seconds long video !

Remember that Dreamstime video can be 30 seconds maximum, you will take only the best part of it or shots only 750 pictures ( 12 minutes in 30 seconds).

5) Now you can use all your best knowledge in postproduction:

Here you will show all the best high quality of you video:

import all pictures in a session of a software like lightroom and make the post production only on the first frame, and then copy-paste the setting on all the rest of pictures !

in few minutes you have made an excellent post production of your video !

If you have ever tried to make a PP on a normal video format you know that it's very difficult, and you need a powerful computer and expansive software to control any single parameter that we normally work on with the PP for photography.

Specially the noise removal il difficult to remove in a video, buy you can do easily with a command in all your time-lapse pictures !

Also the quality of this video is higher than any existing video-camera because every single frame has taken with photographic quality and postprocessin !

6) finally export all post-produced frames al JPG (only 750 pictures) and join them in a 30 seconds video with a simple software as freeware Avidemux.

You will find a lot of video examples in the Dreamstime video section to get inspired...

Some uses robotic devices to move and rotate the camera on tripod during the time-lapse period, taking more dynamic video, this way.

You can try to build them your own using old devices like cooking timers to rotate the scene!

thanks a lot for your time



Here some example of interesting scenes to take a timelapse....



indoor moving shadows:

moving clouds:


moving sun:

moving lake water reflections:


moving clouds and changing shadows of a subject:

changing weather :

Photo credits: , Bennymarty.

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August 08, 2014



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August 07, 2014


definitely will give it a try..thanks

August 04, 2014


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July 22, 2014


great blog, thanks for sharing.

July 20, 2014


you are right Alvera... :)
Timelapse has to be used in very special occasions and excellent shots only.
if you check online timelapse videos from famous Terje Sørgjerd you will see when it worths to push your camera.
Anyway it's better to use an economic reflex in place of the best you have

July 20, 2014


My advice is not to use a dslr for this. With 750 photos/video you will reach 100, 000 photos after 133 videos. Assuming this is your shutter cycle life, you will need about $10 for every video sale to buy a new body. Good luck!

July 16, 2014


useful blog. thanks for sharing. already click the green button on top

July 16, 2014


thanks to you for reading
if you find useful please click green "useful" button on top :)

July 16, 2014


Great idea, thanks for sharing!

July 16, 2014


Italian you too, I see :)

July 16, 2014


Thanks,i ' try soon as possible

July 16, 2014


very usefull !!!
thanks :)

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