Turning stone by stone, slowly but surely, Milestones.

Hi photo-maniacs!

I promised to come back as soon as I had a new milestone, it happened, sold my 10th image and again learned so much more. Working with dreamstime is a pleasure for me, sometimes painful, when many pictures in a batch are refused. But, People, fellow photographers, buyers, sellers, it is learning me so much each time. Approving my skills thanks to refused pictures, learning from my mistakes, I cannot thank the Moderators enough for their time and advice.

So New fellow photographers, do not dispare, you will get there if you want!

Belive,turn every stone.

But thats not why I'm here , i wanted to thank the people who buyed my Ten first pictures and tell a bit more about them: Cause there is allways a story.

picture 1, First sell!

Demolition of a house.

For this one, i had to stop the bus, it wasn't planned:take this picture, it was an impuls: a feeling, i had to walk miles after taking this shot but it was wurthed, first sell, big smile!

picture 2, without surprize , was shure this one was gonna sell!

The statue of Human Rights in Aurillac

Taken on my first travellers-photography trip I did in france , the weather was really bad and difficult to take pictures in, but this statue with the dramatic clouds really spoke to me, and it seems that I was right cause sold it a second time just now.Great.

picture 3, cray day...

Beautiful Fox Terrier watching over a Valley in France

Also in france , we climbed 1850 Meters for this picture, it doesn't seem to be that way in the picture but the weather was really bad, even dangerous, we couldn't see a thing, this pictures was taken in the only moment the rain stopped and suddenly we realised: what a beautifull view,wow, the dog was so happy!

picture 4, reportage: wall climbing.

Climbers in action, Almost reaching the top

Now, I have to say: these climber-girls and guys are increadible, so much strenght and passion they have, i even climbed a bit myself that day, this climbing wall is situated in Antwerp, Belgium.

picture 5, The Aboriginal tissue.

Aboriginal garment in detail

Lucky i had my equipment, i saw this on a friends wall and asked him to take a shot of it , I really loved the colours, Aboriginal art is so beautifull and Unique.

picture 6, Ach, smile , the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is to Enjoy it

Second time i took a picture of it , the first take was refused by dreamstime, this one was a better shot in better light, thanks to the explanations from dreamstime, i did better: proving that dreamstime is right about so much things. whem they refuse, belive me the photo is badly taken, do it a second time, do not give up!

Picture 7, Ghentse feesten! Party in Ghent, Belgium.

Man with Clowns-nose

The "ghentse feesten" is a street-festival in ghent, belgium... this clown was having so much fun and he looked so happy, if you are in belgium in summer do not mis the festival of ghent, 10 days of partying in the streets, good music and loving people.Thank you dear clown.

Picture 8, Milky way of thinking!

Bottle of Fresh Milk

Another lucky shot: reason, allways have your camera with you, it works. My friend suddenly wanted a bottle of fresh milk while driving and we made an improvised stop at a farm...there was this beautifull milky machine... could not resist and got my camera out , a good impuls again.

Picture 9, The eco-garden.

Recycled boots and cans used as a planter

Again, I cannot repete it enough, impulsive shot, morning walk in Ghent on new terrain, this lovely installation catched my eye.A garden made of recycled materials by people who still care about Nature.

Picture 10, Roosters are beautifull, yipee, the milestone picture.

Proud rooster on a pedestal

Also taken in France , again a statue taken in dramatic clouds, i love roosters, the little dinosaur of our times. This picture also proves you can take pictures in bad weather.

Thank you Buyers, for your interrest in me, my eye and vision!

Another thing: as you noticed , I talk a lot about impulses, that's also the reason I write this blog, for the newbies, I am quiet Newbie too... The most important thing you can do as A photographer is allways having your camera with you, it is really wurthed, most of the shots I sell seem to be those pictures wich are taken in an impuls, a feeling and every day this way you can take at least one good shot.

Stay motivated and curious!

I am...

I thank you for reading my blog and install a new milestone for myself, a new stone to turn:Selling 50 pictures , Hope to be back quick!

And in the meanwhile do not forget my new pictures online this month: Urbex pictures from Belgium! Strange machines and abandoned places to see!

I hope my English is a bit right, learning also to improve this Language... learning to make better keywords and blogs... do not be afraid to comment...

Wish you all well and good sells!


Photo credits: Bart Cleymans.
Bart Cleymans
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  • Cleymans
  • Gent, Belgium
Studied at the art academy Hasselt: Architectural and Fine Arts.Have worked since the beginning of computer time with Photo Shop and "old skool" lover. 20 years of training and multiple placements in the service of a Famous Belgian traveller. Took many pictures in analogue times. Made covers for magazines ... the list is long.

Photography is a passion, not a day goes by without my camera. These Pictures are a glimpse seen through my eyes, frozen in Time, forever more: Travel, messages, people, colours, illustrations, imaginations, I love it all.

I do regular updates to show you new pictures, illustrations and go out on foot to explore my known world for you.

I am also active in the world of music as a producer, sing and song writer and play acoustic guitar music. Often paint on commission, colourful images taken with fun, heart and soul.

A message is always fun. Best wishes, Bart

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